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Good news!

The City of Shoreline is moving forward with the purchase of the Storage Court property on Midvale and 178th. This is the preferred site for the potential community and aquatics center. No decisions have been made on whether the city will go back out for another vote on funding the center but we are hopeful.

The vote required a 60% majority and the final tally came in at 54% so there is interest in building a community center and replacing the pool. It's interesting to read that the cost of replacing the pool in the current location would be even more than building on Midvale. With real estate costs escalating in Shoreline, it makes perfect sense that the City would lock into that property now.

I still believe Shoreline deserves a community and aquatics center. If the City makes some changes to the plan so more residents can stand behind it, we should be able to make it happen. Stay tuned!


Read the City news article about the purchase here.